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SuperCard SD-to-GBA adapter, GBA/SP/NDS/GBM

330,00 zł

Producent: SuperCard
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With Supercard SD and SD memory you can use your game console for much more than gaming. Now you can use Movie Player watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more. You can also play games for other consoles like NES.

Special Nintendo DS features:
  • To play bakups of commercial Nintendo DS games you may need to use the SuperPass)

  • NDS save will save to CF or SD card. And can also select to save to original NDS card. New convert software will creat a .sav file just like GBA.
  • Can play 512M or more big size NDS game.
  • Run NDS game from SD card directly, very fast, only 1 second.
  • Two running NDS game model. Load in to Supercard or Run from SD card directly.
  • Compatible with GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, NDS and NDS Lite!
  • Play both DS demo, DS "home brew", backaups of your commercial NDS games*, GBA games (.gba) and NES, GB, PCE, SMS/GG with out additional software!
  • No slow down in playing game. Some games will slow at begin playing CG movie, or loading stage, but will not slow down in the stage.
  • Support access SD/CF directly.
  • Support Mp3 directly, can be placed in any folder.
  • See movies (.gbs .gbm), read E-books, play music, see pictures and more. Dont need have to use MOONSHELLs tools to convert, just copy the pic and music into CF to run it.
  • Super Game Cheat system.
  • Real Time Save - save your games instantly when ever you like it.
  • Four button reset to main menu.
  • Supports compression.
  • Supports semi-multitasking - switch between running game and other software without quiting the game.
  • Game time: 5-6 h with GBA SP (with stock battery).
  • FAT file system.
  • Compatible with standard SD memory
* To run commercial NDS games you need to use a passme device (like SuperKey or EZ Pass 3) and/or flash your NDS bios with FlashMe software.

Benefits of SuperCard SD-to-GBA flash kit linker:
  • Fast transfer! 64M in aprox. 5 sec while other linkers takes many minutes.
  • SD memory modules are cheap, small and light weight.
  • Possible to store up to 32Gbit (4Gbyte) on one single SD card.
  • Unlimited storage capacity (just use more/bigger SD cards).
  • SD memory cards can be used for other equipment like digital cameras.
  • Good value for money.
For more information please click on the "MORE INFO" link above.

Beside SD-to-GBA SuperCard converter you need also SD memory card, software (get it from our support page) and standard SD reader/writer adapter for PC (can be found in our web shop).

This package includes:
  • Supercard SD
  • Retail box Software must be downloaded from our suppoert page or Supercard web site.

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