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EZ-Flash Vi nagrywarka do NDS, NDSi, XL, 3DS

115,01 zł

Producent: EZ Flash
Wysyłka:48 godzin
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Modified version of EZ-FLASH V Plus, compatible also with DSi/XL.

EZ Vi can update flashcard firmware, boot loader and kernel direct from Micro SD. It make sit a safe choice and offers great compatibility for the future NDS firmware updates!

NOTE: Works also on new DSi update v 141/142 (2010-09-08)!

EZ Flash 5 looks outside like all other slot-1 devices but it offers more under the hood! One of the most important benefits is the fact that it has hardware flash chip for saves. This means you dont have to worry about lost saves - other similar devices rely on battery power and you must make save backups.

The hybrid mode is a great idea and it does speed up games. It also makes it possible to implement cheats.

The EZ Flash 5 offers also side loading for Micro SD memory. Its different from most other similar products, some say its better because the memory module is well protected inside.

Another good things is the Moon Shell integration, save handling and home brew support. Its great cart, EZ Flash has been long time in this business and can make great products with good support.

  • 1:1 original card size.
  • Side loading for Micro SD memory.
  • Using MicroSD HD (Trans Flash) as external storage
  • Direct boot, no need another boot card or flash your DS.
  • Can be used as as passme (bootcard).
  • Moonshell integrated boot loader, watch direct DPG movie, listen to MP3, read TXT book in loader, no othe rsoftware needed.
  • Bootloader can be full customized inclusive skins and functions. Most of the boot loader source code is open, very good for developers.
  • Dual read mode: CLEAN and HYBRID. CLEAN means just drag the rom to card and play. HYBRID means EZ5 supporting the modified rom for further function, include softreset and cheat. it also provides improved compatiblity, such as boost the readspeed. no lag can be feeled even you have a low speed microsd card.
  • Perfect FAT system support, automatic generate saver file. multi saver function available.
  • Using hardware flash chip saver - never lose your saves.
  • Loader upgradable.
  • Homebrew support via IO lib.

    Included in the box:
  • EZFlash Vi cart
  • A stretchable metal stylus
  • A thumb finger pen
  • A mini MicroSDHC reader with USB port
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