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Cronus Max Plus V3 - przejściówka do padów PS3/PS4/X360/XONE/WII/PC

315,00 zł

Producent: Cronus
Kod: cronmxpv3.ps4.pl
Wysyłka:48 godzin
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Love your Xbox controller but have to use Playstation at your buddys house, or vice versa? Not a problem! Just plug in the Cronus device, synch your controller, and you are ready to go. No setup. No hassle. Just play!

The Cronus Max Plsu V3 is a must have for:

  1. FPS game fans - you can use keyboard and mouse to play video games like COD, HALO, Battlefield etc
  2. Racing game fans - you can use many high end steering wheels with Cronus to play on game console.

The CronusMAX PLUS is the most power gaming controller add-on ever created!

This unique device opens up a whole new world of gaming for you. Gone are the days when you are restricted to using uncomfortable controllers because of the system you are playing on.

Compatible with:

  • Logitech G27 to console
  • Xbox One
  • PS4 - supports also WIRELESS Mode on Playstation 4 Controllers *
  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii
  • PC (Windows)
  • Aimon PS Elite (read more abou this here)

 * Requires Bluetooth Dongle (only required for Playstation/Wii U Controllers in wireless mode)

Features:CronusMax Plus V3 2015

NEWS 2015-11:

CronusMAX PLUS Firmware v1.20 offers now full PS4 Cross Over Controller Support! Crnus team have made the impossible possible by engineering a state of the art USB gateway that enables the CronusMAX PLUS to communicate with the PS4 controllers security authentication via a simple USB hub, allowing it to stay connected full time without the disconnects or resets.

This also cures the “kick back to menu” issue if you were a second player in a fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X or Street Fighter 5 – at last, making the CronusMAX PLUS 100% Pro Tournament Ready!

Also added USB Hub support for Xbox One & Xbox 360 consoles so it makes controller authorization easier than ever before. Refer the demo video here.


This is the new V3 2015 hardware revision with many improvements, including:

  • Pre-programmed with the new CronusMAX PLUS Firmware
  • Runs on the new Cronus PRO Software suite which also includes a whole new range of plugins and features!
  • Stronger PCB to minimize accidental damage by end users
  • Enhanced performance with lower heat dissipation and lower amp usage than ever before
  • Updated chipset for improved XIM & third party controller support
  • New LED Backlight system that operates as a notification LED for GamePacks, Mods and Scripts
  • New LED Backlight ring mechanism around the LED memory profile display
  • New Memory Profile LED Button which can be easily viewed by the player from almost any angle
  • New and updated GamePacks to support the new CronusMAX PLUS hardware features
  • New design retail packaging with custom tray for extra shipping protection

CronusMaxPlus V3 2015New design, it's much more solid, cleaner and sturdier than last (and of course now fits the PS4 console without the need of an extension cable if you don't have one).

The PCB has also had a complete revamp and now has much cleaner optimized design that will now combat any possible E2/E3 errors that some users were experiencing.

Another change that was requested SO MANY times was to inverse the USB input socket so that the USB cable was not upside down anymore. We have no idea why it was designed like that previously so we made sure was all fixed on this new update. The memory profile button has been revamped too due to some reports of it sticking so we made sure the mechanism was cleaned up as well as being much larger than before.

There is also new PS4 console support for Keyboard & Mouse and PS4 controllers and by using the Xinput App from our website it is now possible to use Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 controllers on a PS4 as well as Logitech and Fanatec Racing Wheels (a Windows PC is required for this).

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