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AceNS najnowsza wersja 2019 (narzędzie programistyczne)

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AceNS 3-in-1 RCM loader, battery powered 2019 model, development tool

Works with many 3rd party payloads including SX OS and other.

New imporoved modell with integrated battery power, retains any kind of charge between use.  Can be charged using its micro USB port.

Supporting up to six payloads, which can be easily changed by connecting it to a PC using the included cable, and a simple button to change between them.

Same AceNS can also be used on many consoles. Note that if you want to use the best SX OS on your consoles, every console need unique SX OS license that you need to buty separatly. There is no SX OS licence included in this package.

AceNS offers many benefits:

+ Great design
+ Easily update payloads
+ Internal battery powered
+ Quick to charge using USB ports

Easy to use custom OS loader:

  • AceNS is a development tool for Nintendo Switch™ and other hardware
  • Supports payload.bin directly - use up to 6 payloads
  • Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS (no license code inclued, can be purchased separatly)
  • Easy to switch OS - just press a button
  • Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS, MAC OS and LINUX systems
  • Easy Management - It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connect to a PC
  • Firmware updatable
  • Built-in battery, Plug & Play
  • This is the new improved 2019 model

Package includes:

  • AceNS dongle
  • RCM Jig
  • Micro USB Cable

We strongly recommend to buy a good quality Micro SD card and SX OS to use with AceNS. It is a must have combo.

NOTE: Some new consoles may be patched and impossible to use custom OS, check SX OS compatibility here!


We ship AceNS from within Europe EEC, there is no additional import or tax charges for you.


Console on the image is not included... 


How to use AceNS:

1. Power on your console and insert AceNS dongle. When LED flash white is is ready for use.
2. Long press the button of RCM loader to switch the payloads. Different colors of LED mean different payloads, you can switch to different payloads.
- ATMOSPHERE - Blue Light
- REINX - Green Light
- SX OS - Red Light
3. Download the kernel of SX OS, ATMOSPHERE and ReiNX and unzip to the root of microSD card. If you select to boot ATMOSPHERE or ReiNX, you need to copy nsp games to tinfoil/nsp folder in your microSD card.
4. Make sure that your console is completly powered off! Plug the micro SD card into your console.
Slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down, insert RCM loader to your console.
Holding the VOL+ button, then press the Power Button. The payload you choose will be injected.
Select Launch-payloads-reiNX, then your console will boot into ReiNX.

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